by Invasion Boys

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Chris & Kelly Minnis are Invasion Boys


released July 7, 2015


all rights reserved



Sinkhole Texas, Inc. College Station

In 2008 Matt, Kelly, and Michael started a record label to release stuff by Bryan/College Station bands. 80+ releases later, SHTI has released CD's, cassettes, vinyl records, and online exclusives for bands all across the world.

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Track Name: My Lightning Years
Upon reflecting on my lightning years
before the future was decided
before I engineered my exit
and left that broken life behind.

Memories fading, it's so frustrating
it's like they're calling to you
so electric were the lightning years
Track Name: There's No Going Back
The television's on but no one's watching
the weight of the world is on your shoulders, crushing down
you can't close your eyes, there is no disguise for your grief

You drove it in reverse all the way home
hoping that the mileage would run off
but there's no going back for you this time
Track Name: I Wanna Be Well
I'm tired of being sick, I wanna be well again
I'm tired of feeling like shit, I wanna be well again

Someone get the doctor quick, I wanna be well again
I need antibiotics to make myself feel well again

I wanna be well
Track Name: The Waiting Kind
We don't want to tell you all the secrets we've learned
We don't want to show all the things you've never seen

Say no more because I'm not the waiting kind

We don't want to hear all the lies you seem to tell
We don't want to owe you so stop selling, we're not buying
Track Name: Drive All Night
Westward ho, daylight approaches
Fast lane slow, daylight approaches
100 miles to go, home is approaching
Another hour to go, home is approaching

Drive all night just to find you

Streetlights glow, daylight approaches
AM radio, daylight approaches
White Switch Road, home is approaching
Headlights low, home is approaching
Track Name: Rocket To the Sun
your guess is as good as mine
Track Name: Surrender
Daylight comes and the morning circles in
dead end dreaming awake
Sunlight beckons, the city is aroused
tousled bed sheets await
lay back down beside me

Surrender, just let go

8AM, the city tickles morning
wipe the crust out of my eyes
Go make appointments and make crystal skylines
tousled bed sheets await
lay back down beside me

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